This is a list of episodes in Ben 10: Evolution.

Title Season Number Director Writer Air Date Progress
A New Evolution, Part 1 1 1 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Production
Pilot. During their road trip, Ben and his friends have an encounter with a new villain named Reptalon, who wants the power of the Omnitrix to himself. As it happened, Ben was delighted to see an old friend from another world; Rex Salazar, who along with his own friends were brought into the new universe thanks to the new reality warp along with his friends and Providence. Reptalon and his forces soon appeared to attack the heroes, and despite their efforts, Ben and the gang, including Rex, were easily defeated. Just when all seemed lost, they were saved by a new friend known as Sparkwire, who sees a lot of potential in the heroes. First, he gave Rex a brand new set of Nanites that work just like the ones he used to have. Next, Sparkwire did an ingenious experiment using Kevin by doing what the Rooters did; use his absorption powers to pass DNA into Circe, Skwydd, Tuck and Cricket, making them become Amalgam Kids, to everyone else's shock and amazement. Finally, Sparkwire amazingly upgraded Ben's Omnitrix to become a perfected Ultimatrix, making Ben have the ability to turn ultimate again.

Notes: Ben 10/Generator: Rex: Heroes United is canon to Ben 10: Evolution.

A New Evolution, Part 2 1 2 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Production
Feeling ecstatic that he has the Ultimatrix again, Ben fought alongside his friends against Reptalon again, who this time was defeated before he vowed vengeance on the heroes as he retreated. Amazed at the new and better Ultimatrix, Azmuth approves of the new device and thanks Sparkwire for what he did, making him his partner in whatever they could invent. Ben also makes a vow to protect the universe with his new-and-improved Ultimatrix.
Torrac 1 3 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
A mysterious new hero named Torrac appeared when he helped Ben and his friends in a battle against Vilgax. Later in the episode, he reveals himself to be associated with Azmuth.
Painful Symphony 1 4 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
A musical episode.
Love Breaks Pain 1 5 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben's newly-acquired alien form, Darkshade, is on a rampage in Bellwood, terrorizing its citizens and seeking revenge on Hervé and Antonio. It's up to Gwen, Kevin, Rook and some friends, including Torrac, to try and snap Ben out of his love vengeance. But soon, Julie and Ester realized how much they made a big mistake, breaking up with their respective boyfriends as Julie snaps Darkshade out of his psychotic state with her love. Ever since then, Ben and Julie became a couple again. At the same time, Kai Lee became Cooper's lover while Torrac and Ester fell in love with each other.

Notes: This takes place directly after Painful Symphony. It'll have two songs; A reprise of All I Ask of You and the reprise of Music of the Night.

The Bishop of Battle 1 6 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben and his friends learned about the disappearance of J.J. Cooney involved with the Bishop of Battle arcade game and decided to investigate. Ben played up to level 13, before he went up against the Bishop of Battle himself. Before the Bishop could get him, Ben achieved a new alien form, one that is capable of accessing video games and computer games, known as Azerty. After an epic fight, the Bishop of Battle was defeated forever and J.J. Cooney was freed from the curse, vowing never to play addictive games again, apologizing to his friends and family. Thankful for being rescued, J.J. decided to join Ben and his friends on their adventures as another friend and ally.

Notes: This takes place after the Nightmares short of the same name, yet in the Ben 10: Evolution Universe.

Rise of Captain Dark 1 7 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben and his friends encounter a nighttime vigilante duo known as Captain Dark and Redstart, who are on a mission to stop the Jokesmith, a villainous clown who seeks domination for total world toy domination, before going for actual world domination. Sadly, Captain Dark's real identity, Devon Wayne, was captured alongside his girlfriend, Nikki Vale, so Redstart decided to have additional help in the form of Ben, Julie, Gwen, Kevin and Rook. Seeing that they didn't bring Devon's new toy, Jokesmith sent the two rolling down a roller coaster with a broken rail. Enraged for what the Jokesmith did, Ben attempted to transform to Rath, only to end up with the alien form he acquired long ago, Darkshade. Luckily, Darkshade was cured of his lovesick rage before, so he used the form to his advantage and attacks the Jokesmith while Redstart rescues Devon and Nikki, the latter who learned that Devon was Captain Dark. Ben's friends and Redstart handled Jokesmith's henchmen at the same time Darkshade and Captain Dark foiled the ringleader himself. As he was taken away to Prison by the Plumbers, the Jokesmith vowed vengeance not only on Captain Dark and Redstart, but Ben Tennyson and his friends as well. After thanking the heroes, Captain Dark and Redstart decided to join the Plumbers with the latter becoming a main member of Ben's team while the former is a special member of the Plumbers.
A League of Heroes (Part 1) 1 8 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
A cosmic string strikes the Watchtower of the Justice League, draining the station of its power and sending it hurtling towards Earth. Batman suggests Ben Tennyson needs to recharge the power core with Megawhatt, and he and his friends get invited into the Watchtower. But unknown to all, the power outage enabled Brainiac to infiltrate the station's computer system, just like the last time. After the Justice League is called away, Ben, Julie, Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Redstart and J.J. discover Brainiac lurking inside the computers and soon face the fight of their lives.
A League of Heroes (Part 2) 1 9 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben and the Justice League think Brainiac has been defeated, but in fact he has found a way to escape annihilation and has taken control over Kevin, J.J. and the League. Now Ben and his remaining friends have to devise a plan to free the others without harming them.
The Truth of the Levins 1 10 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Though Servantis and his so-called 'Rooters' are trapped in Null Void, Kevin Levin finds that his family history incomplete and strange. He decides to journey and seek the truth out about him and his family especially his father. Max Tennyson felt strange again as he received a headache about him and his partner - decides to interrogate Servantis for answers. Will they both get the answers?

Notes: Servantis has some strange connection with Driscoll and Forever Knights especially involved with Devin Levin somehow before the Ragnarok appearance.

Who is Red Tyranno? 1 11 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
The mysterious sixteen-year-old red-clad teenager with his high tech Omnitrix and crossguard lightsaber known as Red Tyranno appeared before Ben 10, Kai and Julie as he claimed he has come to set it right. Spanner appeared and attacked the teen for protection of Ben and Kai. What truth behind these two was about to revealed? And who is telling the truth? Which path will Ben take?

Notes: Spanner is from Derrick J Wyatt's failure Omniverse while Red Tyranno/Ken 10 is Toonwriter's technical OC for repairs and restoration.

Bring My Charmcaster Back to Me 1 12 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Charmcaster escaped from her prison, with the help of Darkstar. Gwen and Hex must do what they can to stop and restore her to normal state. How will they accomplish it?
Return of the Queen 1 13 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Elena Validus returns to once again try to get Ben to herself. But this time, she attempts to kill Julie, Ester and Kai. Will she succeed? Can she be stopped by our heroes? And will they be able to get Elena to reform once and for all?
In Brightest Night 1 14 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
After they finished another mission, Ben and his friends, including Julie, Torrac, Ester, Lucy, Rook Shar, Luhley, Charmcaster, Myaxx, Elena, Argit, Alan, Helen and Manny, were almost immediately summoned into a place that is like a combination of the Null Void and Ledgerdomain, only almost everything in it is white. As they explored the place, they soon found a castle similar to the one in Ledgerdomain, except it was very different. Then the heroes were greeted by the White Lanterns, including, to their shock and joy, Pierce Wheels, who was revealed to have been resurrected by the White Lanterns and becoming a member of them. Suddenly, the White Lantern world was being attacked and invaded by the Legion of Doom. Luckily, the Justice League came just in time to help Ben and the gang beat them off. Afterwards, the White Lanterns decided to give Pierce to Ben's gang as the White Lantern of the Plumbers.
Disorder in the Court 1 15 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben was unjustly arrested for a crime he did not commit. He tried to exploit his rights as a Plumber, but Will Harangue, Major Force and Chadzmuth ceased it from happening, claiming that all of Ben's rights are null and void, to his fury. Ben's friends and family tried to stop the arresting and claim Ben's innocence, but they were threatened by Chadzmuth to be arrested as well along with losing everything they own and love if they try to help Ben. Grandpa Max called it blackmail, yet Harangue countered by claiming that it's showbiz! In retaliation, Max punched him in the eye, making him leave in humiliation. Then, furious about this outrageous restraint, he declared he has had enough of Harangue and Chadzmuth's ways, vowing to put a stop to this madness once and for all. But with Harangue as Chadzmuth's ally and client, the heroes did not know what to do. Fortunately, Sparkwire, completely wary of the situation, arranged a lawyer to defend Ben. At court, Ben felt that his life was going to end real soon once he's declared guilty. It wasn't long, though, until Sparkwire's associate, Affron Earthstax, came to defend Ben and prove him innocent. It seemed hopeless when all evidence pointed to Ben, but Affron contradicted every piece, eventually revealing to the court that the one who robbed the national bank was not Ben, but Major Force, and that it was a conspiracy by him, Harangue and Chadzmuth! Chadzmuth tried to deny it with his usual methods, but Earthstax pointed out the radiation left at the scene of the crime, and that the male suspect on camera had radiation, which Ben himself in human form did not! And furthermore, Affron showed everyone with a video recording of the villains blackmailing Ben's family and friends, getting Harangue and Chadzmuth completely exposed. Amazed at this outcome, the court asked how Affron knew about all that, which Ben's lawyer explained that his intellect surpasses even Chadzmuth's. For that, the court found Ben Tennyson innocent of all charges, while Harangue, Chadzmuth and Harangue were found guilty. Losing his sanity, Harangue ordered Major Force to kill Ben, his friends and family, and Affron! Luckily, the Justice League came to the rescue again, knocking Major Force out cold while Batman gave Harangue a beating of a lifetime. Major Force tried to self-destruct himself, but Affron, revealing himself to be an Osmosian, absorbed his atomic energy, rendering him powerless. Will and Chadzmuth were both sentenced to 30 years in prison, causing the Harangue Nation to be permanently cancelled and Chadzmuth to be fired from his position as attorney. As for the now-powerless Major Force, he got sent into the Phantom Zone for all eternity. Ben was publicly declared a hero, and being thankful for his help, not only did he say to Affron he'll call anytime he's needed in court, he also offered him to join the Plumbers, which Affron gladly accepted, stating he always wanted to team up with the famous and heroic Ben Tennyson.
Goldstar 1 16 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
After watching a rock performance of Cale Goldstar, Ben and his friends go face-to-face with Darkstar, who vowed to destroy the heroes and take Gwen and Charmcaster's mana. After an intense battle, it seemed that Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Rook and Charmcaster were goners. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Goldstar himself appeared out of nowhere and fought Darkstar with powers equal to Morningstar, only without craving and absorbing energy. With his fan club tending to Ben and the gang, the golden hero fought Darkstar in an epic clash, but Goldstar easily beat him. After Darkstar left and swore vengeance, Ben and his friends thanked Cale for the help, amazed for his powers. Then, after they all became friends, Goldstar became another great ally to the heroes, being given a Plumber's badge in the process.
Oh, Brother Dear 1 17 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ever since Ken joined the Plumbers, Gwen got frustrated with her older brother for being careless, reckless and unfocused on tasks when he's near to her. What was the reason behind his action and unfocused? Can Gwen stop her brother from doing something foolish?
Dark of the Vilgaxia 1 18 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
After his gang completely disbanded, Psyphon forced to leave the Earth but came across with Vilgax's corpse. To avenge his former master's death; he recruited Khyber, Psychobos, Krabb, Sixsix, Sevenseven, Eighteight, Vulkanis and the people of Vilgaxia for the invasion on Earth. Will Ben and his team stop the invasion? Is Vilgax truly dead?
The Smartest Alien in the Universe! 1 19 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Azmuth grew tired of both Psychobos and Albedo's rivalry about 'Smartest Being in Universe' and 'Omnitrix Knock-Offs'. He decided to end it by making himself the least smart and normal being in the universe, not wanting to be part of it again. Will the Galvans survive without their leader? Can Max, Ben and even Gwen convinced him back to normal?
Grandpa Max's Day 1 20 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Max received a nearly heart attack after he scolded Blukric and Driba for override the Plumbers' Security System (again). Verdona and Tennysons decided to have a long vacation at Anodyne to relax his heart attack. But Servantis and his Rooters escaped and coming after them. Can they stop the Rooters while keeping Max Tennyson out from the fight.
Parents' Day 1 21 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2016 In Pre-Production
Gwen's and Ben's parents got into the heated argument with Max Tennyson for not spending time with them as well as putting them on hero's work than the studies. Ben and Gwen decide to invite them to the Parenting Competition to put the past behind them. But the Vreedles, especially Ma and Pa Vreedle, are making things worse for them Carl and Frank get along with Max Tennyson.
Tetrax's Training Camp 1 22 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Feeling that Ben relies too much on the Ultimatrix, the Plumbers hired Tetrax Shard to train Ben to be a better warrior if his Ultimatrix ever malfunction or lose its battery. To their annoyance, Bill Billion and his Vengers have caused some major troubles.
Enough with Argit 1 23 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Argit got thrown off by his own gang for cheating and stealing their weapons and money. Kevin Levin decide to recruit him as Plumbers' Intelligence. But can Ben 10 and his team trust him and his intelligence? And at the same time, Dr. Animo escaped as well as reunite with Clancy in creating the new army of Insects.
Nightmares Return 1 24 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Lord Transyl and Zs'kyar escaped from their imprisonment, thanks to power-hungry Darkstar, Anur Transyl's loyal followers, surviving Valdactylian. They're now wanting revenge on Ben 10 by creating his worst nightmares, as well as turn Earth into their new home base.
Team 10 vs. Negative 10 Part I 1 25 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
King Joseph Chadwick build his new Negative 10 (Vilgax, Dr. Animo, Rojo, Zombozo, Princess Looma, Servantis, Darkstar, Empress Attea and Aggreggor) as well as their own personal army in against Team 10 and the Plumbers. Who will win the showdown? Heroes or Villains?
Team 10 vs. Negative 10 Part II 1 26 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Season finale. To be completed.
Untitled Twenty-Seventh Episode 2 1 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Production
To be completed.
Untitled Twenty-Eighth Episode 2 2 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Production
To be completed.
Bully to Best Friend 2 3 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Cash and JT wanted to join the Plumbers but Ben was against it due to their history. Will Ben be able to give them a chance to prove that they're friends?
Back to Ten 2 4 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben, Gwen, Kevin and even Rook got turned into their 10 and 11 years old by Billy Billions and the Vengers via Fountain of Youth. Will they get their original age back and stop their pretenders in time?
Rolling Out 2 5 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben 10 and his team encountered strange gigantic robots from two factions, who can transform from cars to robot. Autobots who want to protect the world's freedom while Decepticons desired conquest and destruction. Can Ben 10 and his team work with Autobots and defeat the Decepticons?

Note: Crossover between Ben 10 and Transformers.

The Boy and the Alien Cyborg 2 6 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben 10 reunited with his lost comrade, Technorg. But he is now completely a cyborg and dedicated in destroying him. Can Ben saved his old friend from Inspector 13 and Techadons?
What's with Ben? 2 7 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben Tennyson reacted strangely and treated his own friends and family indifferently. And not only that, his appearance and behavior is bizarre as well. Max, Carl, Sandra, Gwen, Kevin, Rook and even Azmuth knew something was suspicious. And they must find the real Ben with the help of other good Bens; Normal Ben, an older Gwen 10, Ben 10,000, Ken 10, Jen 10 and an older Ben 23.

Note: The Bad Ben 10s of different dimensions are back.

Samurai 10 2 8 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Darkstar has awakened an Ancient Warlord; Nobunaga Oda, who has awakened and resurrected his Genma Army including officers Nohime, Ranmaru Mori, Katsuie Shibata, Hideyoshi Hashiba, Kazumasa Takigawa, Toshiie Maeda, Nagahide Niwa, Guildenstern, Marcellus, Claudius, Ophellia and Rosencratz for invasion on Earth. Can Ben 10 and his team (Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Julie, Cooper, Manny, Helen, Alan and Max) stop and defeat the Demon Lord? What is the connection between Julie Yamamoto and Ancient Warrior called Samanosuke Akechi and the Oni Clan?

Note: Crossover between Onimusha (Capcom) and Ben 10, as well as based on The Seven Samurai (Film) and the Magnificent Seven (Film).

The Guilty Trip 2 9 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Carl Tennyson got injured when Ben 10 was battling with Dr. Animo. He wasn't the only one, Rook went into a coma as he nearly lost his life during the battle against Vilgax's drones, Kevin almost turned into Berserk Mode and even Gwen turned into stone. Feeling guilty and responsible for his heroic action and unable to change the world and make it a better place, he decided to retire and return to school as normal. Without Ben 10 or his team, Servantis took advantage of it and invaded the Earth. Will Max, Azmuth and Julie help snap him out of it? Why does Professor Paradox brought his 10-year-old past self to his present self?

Note: Based on Batman: The Animated Series (1992) Episode 49, I am the Night.

Ben 10 vs. Hunters 2 10 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Vilgax set the bounty on Ben. And now our hero has been targeted by several bounty hunters, including Khyber, Kraab and more familiar hunters. Tetrax and Rook must protect him at all costs. A mysterious Yaujta warrior joins the hunt as well, and he has a connection with Tetrax.
Xenomorph Infection Part I 2 11 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2016 In Pre-Production
A racist Highbreed General rebelled against his own kind and alliance by setting the Universe's most dangerous alien infection on earth. Ben 10, his team and the Plumbers must find and prevent the infection before it could spread across the galaxy and destroy them. And the strange deadly aliens sought and kidnapped both Gwen and Julie for unknown reasons...
Xenomorph Infection Part II 2 12 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Continuation of Xenomorph Infection.
Back to Virtual World 2 13 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Ben, Kevin, Gwen and Rook got transported to Virtual World by Kenko, who is determined to get to reality by any means necessary. Luckily, Ishiyama is there to help them. Can they escape it before he can achieve it?
Ultra Ben 2 14 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
Once again, Ben 10 lost his Ultimatrix to a mysterious enemy known as Lord Zedd. And now he and his team must team up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers against him and get the Ultimatrix back before things gone wrong. Ben 10 now gained a new upgrade and return to his favorite alter ego - Ultra Ben.

Note: Crossover with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers; Partly based on and includes elements of MMPR: Mega Battle.

Untitled Forty-First Episode 2 15 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Second Episode 2 16 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Third Episode 2 17 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Four Episode 2 18 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Fifth Episode 2 19 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Sixth Episode 2 20 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Seventh Episode 2 21 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Untitled Forty-Eighth Episode 2 22 Toonwriter Toonwriter 1/??/2017 In Pre-Production
To be completed.
Season finale. To be completed.

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